As all fish have to be paid by us in cash or in advance, we only deliver against cash payment. Unless agreed different by writing. Under cash payment, we mean cash money or guaranteed cheques.

Claims and D.O.A. (Dead on Arrival)

The customer is always responsible himself for the right care and treatment of the fish. If a problem may occur unexpectedly with the imported fish, the customer is always obliged to give the necessary treatment, this can not be claimed by either Koibito Italy or their suppliers. However we are most willing to help you with free advise. At D.O.A. is understood: All fish dead on arrival in the bag. These fish can be claimed by Koibito Italy and will be compensated. In order to receive a compensation the following conditions apply:

  1. Claims should be reported within 24 hours after delivery by E-mail
  2. Claims should be attached with digital picture.
  3. The fish claimed must be kept, in frozen condition, for 4 weeks. Koibito Italy has the right to claim these fish for inspection.
  4. The compensation will be the net value of the fish. Airfreight will not be compensated and is therefore always for charge and risk of the customer.

Claims concerning other matters than D.O.A., should be reported within 24 hours, described as above. Fish mortality or diseases which arise later are never the responsibility of Koibito Italy.

Prevent unnecessary problems and report your claims as mentioned above. Where people work, mistakes are made, we are there to look after your concerns with our fish suppliers. We also have to stick to the conditions made by them. Claims which are to late or not correct will not be handled and therefore your right to claim will be disposed of.